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System Engineering
System Design Requirements Management System Configuration Management Software Configuration Management

The activities of configuration management make it possible to control production and use, evolutions and technical events

throughout the product's life cycle.

The expertise offered by LGM in the field of system configuration management allows us to handle:
►    The specification of tools and their implementation
►    The implementation of configuration management activities and processes
►    The monitoring of configuration management activities throughout the life cycle
►    Training course, either for tools or processes
►    Audits and reviews
►    Consulting


Tools developed by LGM

►  SYGADE (management of technical events, requests for evolution and exclusion)
►  CRIOS (management of system requirements)
►  COEOS (generation of test plans and test sheets)
►  METIS (strategy and supervision of integration)

Standards used by LGM

►    ANSI/ITAA EIA-632-2003
►   ANSI/ITAA EIA-649-A:2004
►   DO 178 B
►   ECSS-M-ST-40CRev1-2009
►   ED-12B
►   EIA-649-A 2004
►   IEEE Std. 828-2005
►   Normes ISO
►   ITAA GEIA-HB-649
►   ITAA EIA-836-A-2007
►   MIL-HDBK-61A
►   RG AERO 0023 Ed. B
►   RG AERO 0040 Ed. A
►   SAE AS 9100 C
►   STANAG 4159 + ACMP 1 à 7
►   STANAG 4427 Ed2
►   FD X50-430
►   FD X50-410
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