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Program Management 
Project Management - Coordination - Structuring Planning and Cost Control Project Risk Management

Well-organized PMO (Project Management Office) control activities are essential to ensure consistent project supervision. Planning and cost control are indispensable activities, which must be perfectly managed to assess a situation as accurately and as early as possible to ensure the implementation of an action plan in a timely manner:

LGM supports its clients in the following issues (the list is not exhaustive) :
►   Planning:

 o   Definition and update of initial directive schedules (master schedule),
 o   Definition and update of detailed schedules,
 o   Use of CC (Critical Chain) & CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management / Buffers Management) methods,
 o   Creation of integrated planning schedules
►   Cost Control:
 o   Définition of the preliminary budget,
 o   Cost estimations (internal / outsourced components),
 o   Process definition, indicators, KPI budget,
 o  Consumables management and estimations for complete EVM (Earned Value Management Method = Method of Earned Value),
 o   Budget consolidation and tool to support make-or-buy decisions


Standard used by LGM

►   FD X 50-115 : Project Management - Overview
►   FD X 50-116 : Project Management - Management sorted by Projects - Presentation and recommendations for implementation
►   RG AERO 0030 : Program Management - developing the WBS
►   RG AERO 0040 : Project Management
►   FD ISO 10006 : Quality Management Systems - guidelines for quality management in projects


Tools developed by LGM

►  CHRONOS (planning)
►  HERA Edge (Automated dashboard)
►  PHOEBE (Shelf management)
►  EUREKA (Operational decision support)
►  HESTIA (project control)  
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