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Program Management 
Project Management -
Coordination - Structuring
Planning and Cost Control Project Risk Management

 Increasingly important in a competitive environment, risk management and project feasibility assessment become indispensable to optimizing the smooth course of technical activities as well as maximizing the profitability of projects. The approach can be broken down into the following aspects: 
►   Identification and analysis of risks and feasibility,
►   Monitoring of risks and feasibility details,
►   Development of specifications and improved methods.

The objectives of risk management are:
►   Manage projects better,
►   Increase the chances of project success,
►   Communicate and inform the various actors of the level of exposure to risk or the feasibility of an event,
►   Provide a better understanding of the project and facilitate making decisions and specifying priorities,
►   Anticipate and address risks before they occur.


Standards used by LGM

►  FD X 50-115 : Project Management - Overview
►  FD X 50-116 : Project Management - Management sorted by Projects - Presentation and recommendations for implementation
►   RG AERO 0030 : Program Management - developing the WBS
►   RG AERO 0040 : Project Management
►   FD ISO 10006 : Quality Management Systems - guidelines for quality management in projects


Tools developed by LGM

►  THESEE (portfolio risk management)
►  Business Analysis
►  Project analysis
►  Identification and estimation
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