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Risk Management
LGM and Dependability Studies Support in Design/Decision-making Performance Optimization Controlling and/or Compliance Support

As first reliability vector, the dependability used to support the design/decision making makes it possible to:
Identify the risks depending on:
     ►   System complexity
     ►   Use of new technologies (technological risks)
     ►   Impact  of human and organizational factors
     ►   Increase of requirements
Handle failures and their impact on reducing the costs
     ►   Expertise in all areas of activity (industrial, nuclear, environmental…)
     ►   Contribution of Maintenance Engineering (RCM, AP913,…)
     ►   Optimization of the life span
     ►   Diagnostics of safety, availability,…
Verify and Validate
     ►   Definition of test scenarios and test methods
     ►   Definition of relevant validation processes (risk coverage)

Standards used by LGM

►   CEI 60300
►   CEI 61014
►   MIL-STD-882
►   CEI IEC 61508
►   ARP4761
►  NF EN 50126
►  ARMP-1
►   MIL-HDBK-217
►   FIDES 2009
►   RDF 2004
►   NPRD 95
►   FMD 97
►   MIL-STD-1629


Tools developed by LGM

►  AFM (Feedback management)
►  PEGASE (MSG3 structure)
►  Calculation of the vulnerability of an armour-plated weapon system
►  Testabiliy and test specifications
►  THEMIS (FMECA block)
►  Calculation of electronic reliability
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