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Maintenance Engineering & Logistics Support
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In industries where global competition is fierce, the Integrated Logistics Support provides a major advantage by optimizing the LCC (Life Cycle Cost or Total Cost of Ownership) with respect to operational availability and safety. The methods we have implemented at the system suppliers have enabled our clients to draw a major benefit from their systems by including optimized support elements based on a coherent process resulting from adapted engineering studies.
Program Management
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The creation of an ambitious and extensive Program Management is the key to success for major high-tech projects. Our methods of intervention, fitted to the project reality and business sector, sometimes involve the re-engineering of processes (during design, production or sales support) and the optimization of information systems.
RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintenability, Safety)
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The constant evolution of complex systems, combining the use of multi-technology features with the latest developments in electronics, particularly in multiplexing, turns dependability into a skill with a future. System suppliers and companies specializing in business process improvement have never had greater concerns with regard to safety, availability and cost than today.
System Engineering & Quality
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The increasing complexity of the systems our customers develop as well as the number of actors involved in a project turn system engineering and quality management into essential skills for any well-managed programme or project.
LGM provides its customers not only with perfect command of the classic methods of requirements engineering and configuration management, based on a long history of expertise in managing major projects. By linking the strategic position, the quality objectives and the client’s technical constraints, LGM becomes the favoured partner in optimizing the development process.

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