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System Management Quality Management Products / Projects Substainable Development

LGM is involved in all processes of carrying out a project: specification / qualification / monitoring / production quality assurance.

LGM also supports its customers in terms of supervising projects:
►      Regulatory and normative follow-up
►      Design and implementation of a quality plan and an integrated management plan
►      Monitoring of project performance
►      Monitoring of quality requirements

But also at the level of processes support:
►     Evaluation and selection of suppliers
►     Designing of assessment grids
►     Audit of suppliers
►     Writing of quality specifications
►     Support in contract management.
►     Training of subcontractors

Standards used by LGM

►    ISO 9001
►    ISO 14001
►    ISO 9004
►    ISO 19011
►    6 SIGMA
►    LEAN


Tools developed by LGM

Our consultants have developed toolkits that can be deployed effectively at our customers’ facilities.  
►  Milestone management
►  Cost control
►  Quality control
►  Risk management
►  Dashboards
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