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Sustainable Development as a social responsibility is defined as a balanced approach to business activities, especially considering environmental implications. It is up to each company to define its position in this regard.

LGM can assist you in all your projects related to sustainable development, such as:
►     ISO 14001
►     Carbon assessment and the ensuing action plans
►     Waste management
►     Social aspects

We can assist you by using various methods to offer you solutions that are optimized and fully tailored to your organization and its context.

Standards used by LGM

►    ISO 9001
►    ISO 14001
►    ISO 9004
►    ISO 19011
►    6 SIGMA
►    LEAN


Tools developed by LGM

Our consultants have developed toolkits that can be deployed effectively at our customers’ facilities.  
►  Milestone management
►  Cost control
►  Quality control
►  Risk management
►  Dashboards
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