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Management and Engineering of Complex Projects
Maintenance and Support Engineering Contracted Logistic Support and After-Sales Support Documentation and IETM Information Systems and Exchange of Logistic Data

Explicitly or implicitly, the operation of a complex system is based on objectives of profitability and operational efficiency (OEE, stock availability, time frame of availability…)

Depending on the contractual nature of obligations related to maintenance, After-Sales or Contracted Logistic Support, LGM offers a wide range of methods and tools to meet management challenges and to optimize support solutions:
►    Audits and organizational process definition of service offers;
►    Execution, training or consultancy on CLS engineering activities
►    CLS project management or project management support
►    Development and implementation of specific logistic information systems tailored to the needs of the organization
►    Operational support service


Tools developed by LGM

►  EFM (maintenance flow simulation)
►  HEPHAISTOS concept (LORA analysis)
►  HEPHAISTOS (Total cost of ownership)
►  Calculation of spare parts
►  Obsolescence monitoring

Standards used by LGM

►    MIL-STD-1388
►    MIL-STD-1472
►    PLCS
►    S2000M
►    S3000L
►    S1000D
►    S4000M
►    ISO 10303-239:2005
►    MAT1000
►    MIL-PRF-49506
►    MIL-PRF-87268A
►    MIL-PRF-87269A
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