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Logistics Support & CLS
Maintenance and Support Engineering Contracted Logistic Support and After-Sales Support Documentation and IETM Information Systems and Exchange of Logistic Data

The growing complexity of multi-technological systems necessitates the definition of documentation materials, ranging from simple paper instructions to web-applications for remote diagnostics.

With our expertise in creating global support solutions, LGM provides the means of technical documentation, consistent with the supply chain that implements them (adaptation of form and background to technical maintenance, consistency of hardware testability / diagnostics handbook, information management and updates…).

Based on our expertise in information management and software development, LGM also offers specific solutions for editing and publishing data in an IETM in addition to standard tools used on the market.


Tools developed by LGM

►  EVE (IETM classe V Viewer)
►  ADAM (Database and processes for IETM documentation)
►  HEPHAISTOS (total cost of ownership)
►  WEB DOC (IETM classe 2)
►  ATLAS (documentation)

Standards used by LGM

►    MIL-STD-1388
►    MIL-STD-1472
►    PLCS
►    S2000M
►    S3000L
►    S1000D
►    S4000M
►    ISO 10303-239:2005
►    MAT1000
►    MIL-PRF-49506
►    MIL-PRF-87268A
►    MIL-PRF-87269A
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