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Logistics Support & CLS
Maintenance and Support Engineering Contracted Logistic Support and After-Sales Support Documentation and IETM Information Systems and Exchange of Logistic Data

The increasing complexity of systems to support, combined with shorter development times, requires the establishment of processes and management tools and efficient data exchange.

With over 20 years of experience in logistic information systems (LSA database - Logistic Support Analysis database, CAMM - Computer Aided Maintenance Management, web portals B2B logistics, etc.), LGM can support you during the definition, development and improvement of information systems tailored to the specific requirements of your organization:
►    Audit and implementation of management processes and information exchange (configuration management, document management, logistics data…)
►   Specification and development of specific applications, such as databases, web-portals, automatic data processing…


Tools developed by LGM

►  LSA database (Logistic Support Analysis database)
►  CAMM (Computer Aided Maintenance Management)
►  Web portals for B2B logistics
►  MUCOMA (configuration management BBL-LSA database)
►  OASYS (Logistics database)

Standards used by LGM

►    MIL-STD-1388
►    MIL-STD-1472
►    PLCS
►    S2000M
►    S3000L
►    S1000D
►    S4000M
►    ISO 10303-239:2005
►    MAT1000
►    MIL-PRF-49506
►    MIL-PRF-87268A
►    MIL-PRF-87269A
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