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The company LGM, founded in 1991, provides consulting services, technical assistance and training support in the following key business areas:

Programme Management, Quality Management and Industrial Organization Management,
Integrated Logistics Support, Life-Cycle Support and Document Engineering
RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety),
Critical Systems Engineering

The Strategy

LGM’s strategy aims at providing its customers with a comprehensive approach to management and system design, linked to complex industrial high-tech projects, by developing leadership in niche business sectors through a policy of proactive innovation.

An industrial, technical and organizational value chain is created by an innovative combination of these niche sectors, allowing LGM to position itself in markets concerned with delegated project management. This comprehensive approach is particularly necessary in the field of high-technologies, given the rapid evolution of techniques and methods involved.

Thanks to this strategic placement, LGM engineers and technicians are able to provide the most advanced methods and technologies in all the projects entrusted to them.

Goals over the next 5 ans

To be recognized as a frame of reference by our customers in all our business sectors,
100 M € turnover within 5 years,
International presence to provide local support for our customers,
Participate significantly in 10 major international programs,
50 tools / methods to capitalize on our expertise,
To be a company recognized for its responsible behaviour, integrity and its human resources policy, valuing individuals and their potential.
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