Anti-corruption toolkit and code of conduct

It is the policy of our Group to provide our clients with high value-added work on their projects while complying with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements. These rules include measures to combat the risk of corruption.

The anti-corruption policy of the LGM Group is based on the requirements of the Sapin law of 9 December 2016 regarding transparency, anti-corruption and the modernisation of economic life.
Our anti-corruption policy is driven by our management through the creation of an integrated and effective compliance function and is disseminated throughout the management chain of the companies of the Group.

The anti-corruption code of conduct, under the supervision of the Legal Department, formalises the rules of conduct that apply to our Group and, consequently, to all our employees and stakeholders, regardless of their type of work relationship (temporary workers, subcontractors, partners, etc.). The aim is to make employees aware of the risks of corruption so that they can display correct behaviour in risky situations.
The strength of this Code is that its teaching approach is based on preventing the risks of corruption and on preventive actions.