As a graduate of the École de Psychologues Praticiens, majoring in HR and Marketing, I looked for a job at the beginning of my career that would make use two of the skills I had acquired during my studies: recruitment and commercial development. I therefore first turned to a recruitment agency, then to an IT service provider. Although these experiences were formative and enriching, I didn't recover from there what had initially motivated me to become a psychologist, which was to place human values at the centre of my activity. However, it fitted in perfectly with the proposal the founders of LGM made to me when I arrived in 2006: to participate in developing a company, for which personal fulfilment is central to the business plan. 15 years later, after having evolved from recruiter to key account manager, and then sales director, I am very proud to promote LGM’s values, which determine its identity and distinguish it from other companies, to our clients and our employees.