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System Engineering
System Design Requirements Management System Configuration Management Software Configuration Management

The system design process is a key step in controlling the development of a product.
With its strong expertise in system design, the teams of LGM are your best partners for executing or supervising phases

 and the development cycle of your product:

►      Analysis and requirements specification (APTE, Actigrammes, SADT…)
►      Design of functional and technical architecture
►      Modelling / System prototyping (SysML, Matlab Simulink, SCADE…)
►      Development control (management of interfaces, technical documents…)
►      Integration, Verification, Validation and Qualification (IVVQ)
►      Control / Design optimization (CCMO, AF…)

Tools developed by LGM

►  SYGADE (management of technical events, requests for evolution and exclusion)
►  CRIOS (management of system requirements)
►  COEOS (generation of test plans and test sheets)
►  METIS (strategy and supervision of integration)

Standards used by LGM

►    ANSI/ITAA EIA-632-2003
►   ANSI/ITAA EIA-649-A:2004
►   DO 178 B
►   ECSS-M-ST-40CRev1-2009
►   ED-12B
►   EIA-649-A 2004
►   IEEE Std. 828-2005
►   Normes ISO
►   ITAA GEIA-HB-649
►   ITAA EIA-836-A-2007
►   MIL-HDBK-61A
►   RG AERO 0023 Ed. B
►   RG AERO 0040 Ed. A
►   SAE AS 9100 C
►   STANAG 4159 + ACMP 1 à 7
►   STANAG 4427 Ed2
►   FD X50-430
►   FD X50-410
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