Our ambition

Innovation is at the heart of the LGM Group's raison d'être, which aims to make the world a cleaner and more livable place by optimising systems throughout their life cycle.

We are part of the French R&D ecosystem (IRT, labs...). In collaboration with our clients (POC, POV...), we drive technological breakthroughs in the design or operation of tomorrow’s systems to significantly improve our future living conditions. Particularly, LGM Group is positioned as one of the precursors in clean and renewable energies, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, robotisation...

Our R&D strategy



Technical and Innovation Director

LGM Group's Research & Development strategy is mainly focused on digital continuity in our areas of expertise, in order to provide innovative solutions and methodologies within our range of products and services.

The subjects of research and development and innovation include: :

  • The implementation of new technologies in the value chain of our activity, such as the integration of Artificial Intelligence algorithms (Machine Learning...), for predictive maintenance
  • Participation in the drafting of new standards, in particular ASD-STAN standards (AeroSpace and Defence Industries) or the development of new business approaches in partnership with TRIs (Technological Research Institutes)
  • Deployment of digital continuity for collaborative lifecycle engineering (Application/Product Lifecycle Management) and optimisation of maintenance engineering (support engineering, documentation, training, stocks, in-service support)
  • The development of new methods or techniques to meet the industrial challenges of tomorrow, such as pedagogical engineering for complex systems.

5 % of the yearly turnover of LGM Group is dedicated to innovation.

Our R&D organisation

Interacting with all other departments of the Group (Operational and Commercial, HR…), the Technique and Innovation Department has the following functions: :

  • Analysing and anticipating market/business lines needs
  • Supplying the expertise and managing the technical reliability of our services
  • Capitalising and spreading our knowledge and experience
  • Providing innovative and creative solutions for complex problems

The TID is at the heart of the LGM Group's R&D strategy. Active in the process of financing R&D projects (subsidies, co-development projects), the TID also drives innovation and assists the technical teams who implement it.

two project examples:

Digital continuity for maintenance

When it comes to maintenance and support, the R&D projects of LGM Group aim at ensuring the continuity and performance (optimisation and control) of the global system: :

  • Supporting data exchange and evaluation within the supply chain
  • Supporting data consolidation and accuracy as well as configuration management
  • Adapting the operational organisation - operational performance and agility
  • Designing and evaluate the maintenance strategy
  • Ensuring the efficiency and consistency of maintenance and logistics products
  • Monitoring and track the system support performance in (almost) real time
  • Ensuring the environmental performance

The solutions of LGM Group are based on the following software bricks : eLSA, TEDI, CINDY.

Predictive maintenance and monitoring of complex systems

MOKA - Maintenance Oriented By Knowledge & Analytics

Our complete and agile plug & play solution
MOKA is a fully integrated Hardware & Software solution for predictive and customised maintenance, designed and developed by using all of the Group's skills: : 
  • Instrumentalising systems using intelligent IoTs
  • Designing and integrating electronics and telecommunications
  • Integrating and analysing data
  • Designing custom software
  • Providing expertise in operational and digital maintenance

Clients can deploy this standard, robust and open solution on their operational systems or infrastructures to collect and retrieve existing or new data to achieve the following objectives: :

  • Monitoring the service life potential of different critical systems/equipment/components in real time
  • Supporting with maintenance diagnostics
  • Minimising the downtime of rolling stock
  • Organising maintenance
  • Continuously trained maintenance managers

LGM has produced several technical publications in order to highlight its business expertise. Check them out!.