Employees involved in the company's success

LGM Group is developing a motivating remuneration policy based on the recognition of skills and performance. The individual direct remuneration packages offered are complemented by a deferred remuneration consisting of :

  • A legal arrangement redistributing profits in the form of a profit-sharing scheme
  • A voluntary scheme set up by LGM Group to involve employees in developing the Group and its results in the form of an incentive scheme

Employees can also save these sums in a collective pension fund (or PERCO) to gradually build up capital or a retirement pension.


We promote flexibility in how employees organise their work to create a fair balance between work and private life.

In 2018, LGM Group decided to participate in the "Great Place to Work" survey to be certified as a company with a great work environment. The company is now in 20th place in the French ranking, in the category of 500 to 5000 employees. This survey identifies the areas for improvement requested by employees regarding the company's operations, their living environment and other projetcs.

In 2020, LGM Group decides to renew its participation and this time it moves up to the 8th place in the 1000 to 2500 employees category!

Training of employees

Our employees benefit from adapted and continuous training throughout their professional career to develop their skills and facilitate their evolution. Each year at their annual interview, employees have a special time to discuss their career development wishes and define the associated actions. Training can be part of this.

We offer a wide range of training schemes:

  • Classroom training is done through training organisations or through in-house instructors. Indeed, a large part of our training activities are conducted in-house, particularly thanks to the team of internal instructors that we are fortunate enough to have at our disposal.
  • Our online training platform "SKILLS UP" provides offers our employees e-learning training modules, videos, MOOCS and support on technical subjects but also more transverse.
  • The "Method Meetings",organised by and for our employees, provide an opportunity to exchange information on subjects related to our business, market sectors or specific techniques. Open to all, they are organised at our various locations and bring together many passionate employees.

Equality and diversity

LGM Group is committed to the diversity of its teams and professional equality. For this reason, LGM Group publishes the equality index for each of its companies, significantly exceeding the score of 75 points set by the legislator.

Over the last few years, LGM Group has been promoting women's careers and now has the first woman on its management committee.

Dedicated to the fundamentals of non-discrimination, the principles of respecting difference and welcoming everyone are regularly disseminated, particularly during integration meetings, manager development or through the values of the Group.

Equality index F/MEquality index F/M

Occupational health and safety

We are convinced that it is necessary to make every effort to enable every employee in the LGM Group to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of those around them.

Through this commitment, we must ensure :

  • the well-being of all personnel,
  • the protection of the property and the infrastructure.