Risk management

Risk management

Safety and risk management are also a historical job at LGM. Enabling manufacturers and operators to design and operate safe systems in critical environments is the result of studies and programmes for safety, reliability and testability. These studies take into account the intrinsic risks of the systems as well as external attacks, cyber security, industrial risks and human factors.

A look at la Risk management

Frédéric Deschamps Risk management business line manager

Risk is at the heart of our society. To clarify this, each sector is equipped with reference standards aimed at identifying, measuring and then controlling risk factors. To this context, we can add the digital revolution, both in design practices with digital continuity and in products with the revolution of autonomy and AI.

At LGM, more than a hundred specialists, using the tools available in the field, are able to address the wide range of challenges that arise, from a RAMS point of view. In addition, LGM, as a recognised specialist in Risk Management, conducts research and synthesis activities on the most advanced subjects, such as the coupling of dysfunctional models and system engineering, the impact analysis of big data on our practices, the optimisation of spare parts in complex environments, and trusted AI.

Our Tools

LGM is proud to make available the FIDES ExperTool developed for the IMdR (Institut de Maîtrise des Risques).

FIDES ExperTool is an experimental tool that allows the reliability of electronic components to be estimated using the FIDES 2009 methodology.

Its main functionalities :

  • Free, easy to use, for novice or expert users
  • Does not require installation or administrator rights,
  • LINUX or WINDOWS and MAC ( >10.X) compatible
  • Bilingual (English, French)
  • Import function for input data and reading of results from XLS format
  • XML library to manage model parameters

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LGM contributor to the Institute for Risk Management (IMDR)

  • In 2018, LGM was awarded the Lambda Mu d'Or from the public for its contribution to the conference "New tool for evaluating the occurrence frequencies for risk studies".

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  • Alstom
  • Arquus
  • CEA
  • Continental
  • Dassault Aviation
  • Liebherr
  • Naval Group
  • Thales


  • In 2011, together with LGM, we have set up a RAMS skills centre to cover our needs in terms of expertise and responsiveness.

    Today, the LGM hub supports us on more than 35 projects, 6 sites in France and Belgium and about ten international missions.

  • For several years, LGM has been providing us with its expertise in dependability, testability and logistics support on numerous projects.

    In addition to the work on programmes, the emphasis on service, responsiveness and competence are particularly appreciated. As a result, training and partnerships have been set up from the offer phases onwards.