System engineering

System engineering

LGM's activities in system engineering cover the design, modelling and simulation of complex systems, requirements management, configuration control and product line engineering.

At the heart of technical complexity, these activities are structured through design studies, implementation or integration of collaborative tools (such as PLM and ALM) or by taking charge of complete engineering activities.

LGM thus works to break and simplify the complexity of large systems and infrastructures, while ensuring digital continuity throughout their life cycle.

A look at System engineering

Philippe Coppola System engineering business line manager

As systems become increasingly complex, mastering development, both in terms of products and services, requires structuring system engineering to provide flexibility and transversality. This is the purpose of system engineering, which aims to provide technical and management teams with the keys to developing a good system that complies with the state of the art and applicable regulations, and the right system that will satisfy all stakeholders, first and foremost the end user.

It is therefore essential to follow a structured methodological approach: analysis of the client's needs, specification, evaluation of alternative solutions and optimisation of the chosen solution, then justification and validation of the latter while managing the associated technical data in configuration.

Member of AFIS and INCOSE, LGM adapts and deploys for its clients the standards and main techniques (MBSE, BPMN, MISME...) and tools (3D Experience, IBM Rational, Capella, Polarion, Pure::variants, Semios...) of system engineering.


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